Cheapweed vs GreenSociety- A Closer Look

Use of Marijuana has always been a controversial subject where its supporters claim great benefits and physical advantages by using it and its critics supports different physical, social and economical disadvantages by using it. Since different states like Colorado, California and Washington D.C. etc. have legalized the use of Marijuana and in 2015 Colorado state earned approximately $996 million from the sale of Marijuana alone. It has given a boost to the supporter of marijuana that it could be a financial success if we further research and publicize about the use of it.Cheapweed vs GreenSociety offers excellent info on this.

The majority of border-related issues are also related with drug-related illegal trafficking, after legalization, this drug-related trafficking will be reduced surely as it will be available in our country and there would be no need to smuggle it here.


7. Apart from the medicinal use of Marijuana, there are many industrial possibilities which could be further accomplished after the legalization of Marijuana. The plant of Marijuana could be further used for preparing paper, dynamite, composites for auto and even insect repellent. Some experts believe that there could be more than 20,000 products made from Marijuana plant but the criminalization has made it impossible to further development of these products.

Let's begin with the pro side of Marijuana


1. If taken in moderation marijuana has no ill effects physically and is no harmful than tobacco or alcohol. The problem starts when any individual starts exploiting it in bigger amounts. If taken in bigger amounts any substance will be harmful to us whether it is alcohol, tobacco, Marijuana, caffeine, nicotine, or even soft drinks. Has government has banned such stuff? No. So why Marijuana must be penalized only. Many experts believe that Marijuana is not as addictive as tobacco or alcohol.

2. It is against the personal freedom of an Individual if he is not allowed to use a stuff he wants to use. Any person must be free to use or consume a substance he likes. it is the right of an individual to consider what is good or bad for him and any law which forbids him to do so is a violation of an individual's personal rights.


3. If government decriminalize the Marijuana possession and consumption then it would lower its price and many drug related crimes like smuggling, selling, purchasing would hit hard from it. It would stop illegal traders to do their business and gradually different drugs related crimes would be diminished completely.


4. Marijuana has many medicinal benefits and cancer patients routinely use it. It is frequently used in chemotherapy treatment for various cancer-related problems. It is also used in the cases of chronic muscle pain, nausea, depression, migraine etc. Different U.S. states like California, Colorado, and Washington have allowed the use of Marijuana for Medicinal purposes.


5. Government earns billions of dollars from revenues taxes coming from Alcohol, tobacco and other products. If they legalize the Marijuana too then it would be a great source of income for the government. Colorado state earned approximately $996 million in 2015 only. It was a single state if we calculate for the same country it would be multi-billion revenue by just Marijuana only.


6.Our legal resources like Police personnel and court officials (judges, Criminal Defense Attorney, registrar) etc. spend much of their time and drug in drug-related cases. After decriminalization of Marijuana, they will be much free and can deal with other crimes. It will also reduce some pressure from our judiciary system which is already constipated with a great number of court cases.

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